Thursday, 20 February 2014

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There are many pros and cons to hiring an independent escort or one from an agency. Some escorts in Mumbai choose to work independently from an agency as they want to keep their earnings to themselves. Independent escorts haven’t necessarily been rejected by an agency; normally they work with one for a few years and build up a loyal client base before starting their own business. Independent escorts tend to be very intelligent as they have ventured out into the escort business entirely on their own rather than have an agency represent them.

Most independent escorts offer a good quality all-round service as they have many repeat clients and their reputation to uphold. Many work as incall escorts from their own homes but there are also plenty who also offer an out call service. One con with independent escorts is based around the fact there is no one else to speak to regarding the service that is received and it can prove almost impossible to file a complaint, although it is very unlikely that you would want to. An agency offers a reliable service and will set up the date for you which can save time for busy gentlemen. The prices for agency escorts and independent ones are around the same, but with an agency there is a huge selection of girls from all kinds of backgrounds offering different but still fantastic escort services in London.

One possible con with an agency is that if you use one which is not very well-established, they may use unrealistic or stock photos on their websites. This can result in a girl turning up that is not the one booked, which is obviously a very unpleasing situation. Another is that some agencies will only accept credit cards and it may be hard explaining a certain credit card charge on your bank statement to a partner. However, most agencies also accept cash and it is generally much safer to book an escort from an agency.

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